Hometown Odes (Oh, Edmonton)


The monster mall
grins, shoppers stuck
in its teeth.
It dares you:
park your monster
truck in the
world’s largest parking
lot and do
the monster mash.  

Building cranes will
one day quit
chain-smoking smoke
stacks. Talons will
tear chain-link,
wings slap steel
skeletons, and beaks
will snap up
men in suits.

The last small
town farmer gets
stuck, Chevy truck
going round and
round the roundabout
built by some
British city planner
gone agoraphobic under
too much sky.  

We line-dance
in winter boots
at bus stops
on crackling blue
January mornings when
nostrils huddle to
stay warm. But
eyelashes freeze shut,
the bus passes. 

I hate (love)
this big-box 
city where petroleum
vampires suck the 
spark from our 
eyes. The river
is the vein
that keeps me
sane, and returning.

Anthony Henday Ring
Road wrings wrists
of parkland wrists
slit by Wayne
Gretkzy Drive-by-
shooting-suburbs bleed
lights into refinery-
ringed night. This
is the frontier. 

River bank land
marked by high
pressure power plants
built over bones
will be re-
claimed by power
wild rose trembling
aspen saskatoon birch









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