Rainbow Web Weavers


Have you ever wanted to peel off your skin like an old sock,
and trade it in for something more simple, something with less knots?

Do you ever look in a mirror, and see nothing reflected back at you?

Have you ever felt erased from history books,
or never even printed into them, not even as a footnote
do you wish you could write yourself out of the margins?

Are there days when you wish there was something to hold you in place.
something to stop you from floating away,
like the walls of a house that would say,
welcome home, you belong here?

If you answered yes, to any of the above
then I say please please please
step up to speak.

We need you here,
need to hear your voice.

You might not believe it yet,
but I know that you are powerful,
full of the power to take your words
and shape them into stories that show the world that you exist.

You might not know it, but you have in your possession a magic marker
and you can take it out anytime you wish
and colour over the invisible ink
of the stories that have been there all along,
just a little harder to see, unless you’re looking.

You might not know it yet, but you hold a key ingredient
that this recipe won’t work without
and all you’ve got to do is add a pinch of it.

All you’ve got to do is speak.
I know it’s not that easy.
I know it takes courage
to speak of things that have never been spoken
to name the things that have always been broken
to keep a conversation open, when talking gets tough.

But if tomorrow is a textbook,
there’s no answer key in the back.
No blueprints, no maps.
Not yet.

So we need your help.
Cause we won’t know how to go where we’re going,
if we don’t how to know where we’re coming from, all of us.

Call me naïve,
but I believe the words we speak become the truths
become the constellations to orient to.
So we need you
to speak.

We need you
to untangle tongues tied by subjugation
to translate the bird tracks left by migration
to break down the walls in our minds left by colonization.

Because maybe we are all more complicated and beautiful
than we’ve allowed ourselves to see,
allowed ourselves to speak of,
allowed ourselves to be.

You might not know it yet, but you are all
fighters, healers, and rainbow web weavers.
You have the power to roll dreams like melon seeds, along your tongues, spit them from between your teeth,
so they will grow the shoots
sprouting up out of sidewalk cracks
With roots that will one day
heave concrete.

So please speak,
because we cannot speak the future into existence without you.


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